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the Ware Center

September 2 - september 30

6:00- 10:00

Exhibition Information:

the Ware Center for Visual and Performing Arts

42 N. Prince St. Lancaster, PA 17603


Participating Artist include:

Caitlin Downs 

Travis Grant

Sean Hildreth

Matthew Kabik

Bryan Norris


The Ware Center for Visual and Performing Arts at Millersville University and Guest Curator Matt Allyn Chapman bring you “A Slow Regard”. This is an exhibition about elements of our lives that have the potential for significance but often are not thought about, or considered unimpressive. It’s also about our cultural and familial histories, suggesting a sense of place, and the materials that shape our day to day.


Bringing together photography, painting, the written word, and sculpture, this exhibition also builds a conversation around not the passing of time, but time as a passage. When we look at an image, we create a story to locate what we see in a place that we can enter and engage with. When reading a piece of literature, we do the opposite. We construct a wold of the visual to give the words a presence and an identity. This passage of time in many ways also acts as a key, one that opens our minds to the availability of understanding. A dialogue between what it is to know something, how you understand your relationship to your surroundings, and the possibilities that these concepts encompass.


Matt Allyn Chapman studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia (MFA) as well as Lancaster’s Pennsylvania College of Art & Design (BFA). He is currently the Associate Director of Pentimenti gallery in Old City Philadelphia, and serves as Adjunct Professor of Drawing at PCA&D in Lancaster. He has exhibited his work at: The Walter and Leonore Annenberg Gallery, Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building at PAFA, Philadelphia PA. Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia PA, Rothus Halle, Solothurn, Switzerland. The ZhouB Art Center, Chicago IL. The Ware Center for Visual and Performing Arts at Millersville University, Lancaster PA. Sunshine Art + Design, Lancaster PA.


Participating Artists: 

Caitlin Downs was born with a love of language, and studies all forms of writing. She holds a Master’s in English and teaches courses at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, Harrisburg Area Community College, and Thaddeus Stevens. Her next adventure will see her studying Scottish Literature in Edinburgh.


Sean Hildreth is an artist based in philadelphia, where he was born and raised. He received his BFA from SUNY Purchase, and recently graduated from The Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts in May 2015 with his MFA. His paintings consist primarily of interiors extracted and observed from the three story home he still lives in. This series is a send off to this  four generation home and to the people who made it the magical place it is.


Travis Grant  Acquired his BFA in 2012 from Savannah College of Art and Design, and most recently, his MFA from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2016. Through sculpture made from found parts of old houses, the work references the evidence of use and wear on a home over time. By reconsidering it’s materials through sometimes tenuous situations, the work reminds us of the impermanence and fragility of a structure.The work suggests a sense of timelessness, consciously in an effort to be in conversation with multiple generations and moments at once. This speaks to the many past lives of a home, and the occupants that have come and gone.

Matthew Kabik is the author of short stories and flash pieces which fall into the category of PA Gothic (yes, He made up that term. He doesn’t care). He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Arcadia University. In 2013, he was nominated for The Pushcart Prize by Structo Magazine for his story “A View of the Moon from the Moon,” and then again that same year by Pea River Journal for “In the Orchard, in the Field.” In 2014 his story “We Get To Where We Are Going” was nominated for the Pushcart Prize by Wyvern Lit. He’s still young enough as a writer for all of that to be super, super exciting. He’s one of the founding editors of Third Point Press and is currently the editor in chief. He has a house in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


Bryan Norris, a.k.a. Forager co. created a handmade small batch clothing and leather goods company, located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Designing and producing utilitarian products that incorporate foraged vintage and historic textiles, old stock denim and salvaged leather. He is also an extremely thoughtful artist. Composing photographs that capture the very essence of what he believes to be so important in life, consideration, appreciation, and respect for our connection to the land and to each other.

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