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BEYOND THE SURFACE: A Survey of Contemporary Drawing- Red Raven Art Company

May 3rd-28th
First Friday Opening, May 6th, 5-8PM.

Exhibition Information:

Red Raven Art Company

138 N Prince St, Lancaster, PA 17603

Participating Artist include:

Exhibiting Artists:
Dina Brodsky
Danielle Brown
Mairin-Taj Caya
Matt Chapman
Randall DiGiuseppe
Francine Fox
Jeff Geib
Evan Kitson
Isaac Pelepko
Grayson Ronk
David Stenulson
Catherine Stickles
Maria Teicher
David M. Stallings
Jeremy Waak
Jason Ward
John David Wissler
Tina Yanni


Beyond the Surface is an survey of contemporary drawing curated by Evan Kitson that will be presented by Red Raven Art Company during the month of May, 2016. Kitson has selected a wide range of drawings from both emerging and established artists, collecting work locally as well as from New York, Philadelphia, Lexington, and Wyoming. The drawings on display all speak to a greater whole, created by artists and draftsmen who employ drawing as a major creative aspect within their artistic practice. Each of these works explore their subject in a genuine, searching manner and make use of their chosen media as a vehicle for a deeper dialog; each responding to the representation on the surface through the practice of their various modes of application. From highly rendered observational drawings to sensitive photo-realism, from layered abstract marks to repetitive mechanical process, all of the work in this exhibition speaks to the genuine search- the reach for a deeper understanding, a deeper connection. This exhibition proudly displays work that examines what makes each of us pick up a pencil for the first time.

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