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Lets Be Real: new Mixed Media works. - Grandview Gallery at Wilson High School. 2016

Let’s be Real: New mixed media works by Matt Allyn Chapman


Opening March 6. 2016 5:00-8:00

Grandview Gallery at Wilson High School

2601 Grandview Blvd, Reading, PA

(610) 670-0810


This is the artists first solo exhiition at Grandview Gallery.


With these new works, Artist Matt Allyn chapman looks to show the honesty in each piece through use of the materials. Sometimes that means letting them exist unchallenged - and at other times that means throwing you off as to what’s drawn, taped, cut, collaged, or replicated. Oddly, deception and mimicry proves a useful way to reveal truth. The pieces themselves become “real things”, objects made by hand that don’t require anything more than the characteristics already possess. 


The pieces are physical, and their identities are unique. They set an example of reality and ask the question, what does it mean to be honest?


Matt Allyn Chapman studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia (MFA) as well as Lancaster’s Pennsylvania College of Art & Design (BFA). He has exhibited at: The Walter and Lenore Annenberg Gallery, Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building at PAFA, Philadelphia PA. Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia PA, Rothus Halle, Solothurn, Switzerland. The Ware Center for Visual and Performing Arts at Millersville University, Lancaster PA. Sunshine Art + Design, Lancaster PA.

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