NEW GEOMETRY: Abstract Invitational

August 18, 2017

New Geometry: Abstract Invitational features artists Matt Allyn Chapman (Lancaster, Pennsylvania), Nick Hollibaugh (Sutton, Massachusetts), Brittany Nelson (Richmond, Virginia), and Rosalyn Richards (Lewisburg, Pennsylvania). This selection of works represents a range of artists utilizing basic geometric forms as the building blocks for their compositions.


October 05, 2017

In this solo exhibition, Out There From Right Here: new works, I explore the act of traveling and the concept of distance. Using the confines of their surfaces, the works use the space given to them. Bumping against the edges, floating and drifting safely inside their boundaries, the speak about the infinite and the limited. How far can one go when in such a perceivably small space?

THAT'S MY JAMB: new paintings

August 04, 2017

This solo exhibition, held in the City Hall Gallery in Lancaster, will explore the geometric architecture and varied use of color of the areas barn and shed doors. Their designs and colors are so graphic, so bold, and so fascinating. They become something more than just a place to put things, or store rarely used objects. they became symbols of individuality, while at the same time becoming symbols of community.

Main Line Art Center: Spring Gala 2017

April 30, 2017

Works of art to fall in love with in a variety of styles and price points for everyone…from the next-generation collector or art-buying novice, to the seasoned supporter. Proceeds benefit our programs, including Accessible Art programs for children and adults with disabilities.Participation in the Spring Gala exhibition is by juror selection.

JUROR: Ekaterina Popova, Artist & Publisher of Create! Magazine

Schematics of Thought: recent works

March 03, 2017

The Interiors by DECO showroom is proud to feature the work of artist Matt Allyn Chapman!

Join us on First Friday, March 3 to meet Matt and see his exhibition titled Schematics of Thought: Recent Works on Paper.

Passport to Paradise

January 01, 2020

Era Contemporary is hosting its second group exhibition, "Passport to Paradise," at the Cynwyd Club along the Main Line of Philadelphia. This catered exhibition will be a one night affair held in their beautiful ballroom and open free of charge to guests and the public. Showing artists with pieces thematically linked to travel, discovery, and a journey. Curated by Jessica Lynn Libor

2016 PCA&D Faculty Biennial

November 04, 2016

PCA&D is pleased to present new artworks created by its BFA faculty members teaching studio courses in Digital Media, Graphic Design, Illustration, Fine Art and Photography. This group exhibition provides a special opportunity for students and the public to see the work created by this talented group of artists.

+1: Piece & Process

October 17, 2016

In my curated exhibition for the Speer Gallery at the Shipley School +1: Piece & Process I’m looking at the relationships the artworks we make have to the objects and tools we use to make them.

NEW WORK: works on paper at the Fridge

September 30, 2016


Stop into The Fridge before November 12 to see some of my newest works on paper. While you're there, have a slice and a drink! 

534 N Maulberry St, Lancaster PA 17603


September 02, 2016

The Ware Center for Visual and Performing Arts at Millersville University and Guest Curator Matt Allyn Chapman bring you “A Slow Regard”. This is an exhibition about elements of our lives that have the potential for significance but often are not thought about, or considered unimpressive. It’s also about our cultural and familial histories, suggesting a sense of place, and the materials that shape our day to day.

SHAPE UP: Geometric Abstraction in Lancaster

July 01, 2016

July at Sunshine Art + Design in Lancaster will feature a show of Four artists working with Geometric Abstraction. “SHAPE UP: Geometric Abstraction in Lancaster” will include recent works by artists Matt Allyn Chapman, Gail Gray, and Annie Kerekgyarto & Brenton Good. Each bringing their unique voice and particularities to an area of abstract art that has a reputation for being minimal and severe.

Beyond The Surface: A Survey of Contemporary Drawing

May 06, 2016

We live in an amazing time artistically; a little over one hundred years ago a show of this nature wouldn’t have been a possibility. Historically, drawings have been thought of as studies, sketches, doodles, subservient parts of a larger work. The modern notion of “works on paper” opened up an important dialog, elevating the mediums of drawing such as graphite and charcoal to high Art. 

WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER: the work behind the work

April 01, 2016

April at Sunshine Art + Design sees artist Matt Allyn Chapman curating the gallery with a special Exhibition titled “We’re In This Together: the work behind the work”. Opening Friday April 1st, the show will feature 13 artists from Lancaster and Philadelphia.

Let's Be Real: new works by Matt Allyn Chapman

March 06, 2016

With these new works, Artist Matt Allyn chapman looks to show the honesty in each piece through use of the materials. Sometimes that means letting them exist unchallenged - and at other times that means throwing you off as to what’s drawn, taped, cut, collaged, or replicated. Oddly, deception and mimicry proves a useful way to reveal truth. The pieces themselves become “real things”, objects made by hand that don’t require anything more than the characteristics already possess.

WET PAINT: MFA Biennial 2016

January 15, 2016

The National Wet Paint MFA Biennial Exhibition 2016 is an outlook and an overview of top MFA programs in the United States. Wet Paint refers to the idea that this is a fresh group of artists. They are MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) candidates and recent MFA recipients. Now on its fourth edition this growing and highly competitive juried exhibition will bring to Chicago some of the most talented emerging artists in the country.


December 04, 2015

Nine national and international artists have been selected representing drawing and mixed media, all of which make use of paper. Utilizing the color white as a dominate element in the works, the content pulls from a vast and harmonious variety of understanding of the physicality of the world around, and the phycological space inside us.

CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE: New works By Matt Allyn Chapman

December 04, 2015

"Contents Under Pressure" is a solo show of new paintings and drawings by Matt Allyn Chapman. These pieces explore the concepts and conditions of pressure, both physical and perceived.

OPENING: December 4th 6:00-8:00pm
The show will run from December 4th through January 30th.

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