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This Is My Jamb: new paintings.
City Hall Gallery.
Lancaster, PA.
Images coming soon.

July 7 - August 31. 2017

Exhibition Information:

the City Hall Gallery

120 North Duke Street, Lancaster, PA 17602

While on the train between Lancaster and Philadelphia, I would often look out the window and notice how many barn and shed doors were the same physically, but all painted uniquely. Then there would be those few that were just stunningly original, those few were obviously built by hand and have been there for ages. Others are mass produced, purchased from home supply stores and placed in the back yard with a new coat of paint to distinguish it from the neighbors. In all of them, their designs and colors are so graphic, so bold, and so fascinating. They became something more than just a place to put things, or store rarely used objects. they became symbols of individuality, while at the same time becoming symbols of community.

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