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"It's This, but Also That." solo show July- August

Im excited to announce my first solo show titled "It's This, but Also That". It will be located inThe Gallery at Dogstar Books in Downtown Lancaster PA.

The show at dogstar is a culmination of a long walked trail. Spanning in subject matter from a series of large circles to insects, to drawings of wooden surfaces, and matter in between. The works being presented find connecting threads, not in the typical cohesion of subject matter or medium used, but more on a cognitive level. When looking at the works as map of thinking and looking, the dots connect and the concepts behind the drawings become the binding agent. The drawings are often about one subject, and another. Not resting on literal depiction, they often have a sense of conceptual movement. Drifting in and out of "its definitely about this" to " the drawing also make me think of…" The ability of the drawings to make multiple statements open them to more conversation with the viewer, and ultimately both the piece and the viewer begin to ask questions of each other.

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