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Collaboration with Franco Mueller at Pentimenti Gallery

This past First Friday in Philadelphia I was part of a very special event. Pentimenti Gallery, located at 142 N 2nd St, in Old City Philadelphia, featured me as a collaborating artist in conjunction with Swiss artist Franco Mueller.

Franco had a wonderful idea of creating two drawings on the wall of the gallery. Only, he would remain in his home location in Switzerland, and transmit the drawing to the gallery wall via skype, and a projector. The drawing was to be one of improvisation, not pre-conceived, and I was to transfer his projected drawings seamlessly and clearly to the wall with charcoal.

The owner of Pentimenti gallery, Christine was a pleasure to work with. very excited about the possibilities of this event and the most accommodating of people you are likely to meet.

This performance raised many questions for the MANY people who came to witness this unfold. Questions of time & space, distance, the universal language that drawing speaks, ownership, originality, the digital or technological age and it's place in contemporary art... the list goes on.

One thing was obvious. the reception to our working together was that of fascination, wonder, curiosity, and perplexity. All feelings that a work of art should evoke when given to the public for consumption.

Franco has since informed me he has other plans in the works, perhaps we will work together again, I certainly hope so.


Me in responce to Franco while drawing

Top Image: Franco Mueller, Transferable Views

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