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Introducing, EightPlus ( 8+ )

"Eight Plus is a Philadelphia based artist collective studio space focusing on artistic community, support and collaboration."

Upon graduation, Eight of us, have decided not to see each other scattered to the winds. So we found ourselves a warehouse, "Frank's Kitchens", owned and maintained by an Industrial Artist names John, we were welcomed with excitement, and before we knew it we had our new studio space.

It was dusty, dirty, hot, and skeletal. Though with help from John, and a lot of effort on our part. we quickly got it into shape.

Having a space with these seven other artists is something to greatly behold. Our tastes vary greatly, as do our interests and our skills. Yet we all understand one thing, we need each other. We need our opinions, humor, company, voices, and our motivation. Together EightPlus is working to establish a reputation of Community in Philadelphia and beyond…of friendship and encouragement for all, artist or not.

There are exciting plans on the horizon for us, and 8+ welcomes you. Many of us have begun making new work (myself included) and feel right at home. The studio is located off Frankford Ave. Come say hi, I'll speak for us all, but especially myself when I say we LOVE haveing company...though, ask us first, the doors are always locked.

EightPlus is:

Mark Basco

Matt Allyn Chapman

Sean Hildreth

Ruthie Iglesias

Alma Selimovic

Hattie Sloane

Julie Thompson

Marcelle Marie Claire Reinecke

Together, we are EightPlus.

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