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SELF MADE & the Flat Files at Sunshine.

Just this past month, in August, I was included in a group show called “SELF MADE”. Created in joint effort by Sunshine Art+Design, DECA (the Discerning Eye Center for the Arts, and Fig Magazine. The heart of the show being a showcase of Lancaster resident Artists and giving us the opportunity to express our self through our work, as to give a sense of who we are as people, and as artists. 157 artists submitted to the show, only 57 were accepted, and from those 57, only 10 were selected to be included in Fig Magazine’s “Makers issue”, I was delighted to be one of those 10. with my recent piece "Citizen". The Markers issue of Fig is currently available for Free through Lancaster County at may retailers, and local businesses.

Citizen: Acrylic on Panel(s) 2015

Sunshine Art+Design also launched a Flat File system that I am also a part of. A Limited number of artists are given a drawer in which to house a varying number of their artworks that anyone can come and discover. It’s an exciting way to get closer to an artists work. I currently have 12 new pieces on view in my file! they range from acrylic paintings on board, ink drawings, to collage.

In addition to having our work displayed physically in the gallery. Sunshine has also created a Digital Flat File system. Each artist represented in the galleries Flat File is also given a page on Sunshine's website. Each page is complete with a bio, high res. images of each piece included along with it's specs. The works are also available for sale! I find both the digital and physical files to be a great way to be able to access an artists works and discover something new. Opening each file is like looking into a sketchbook or having a personal conversation with the artist about what they are interested in .

Sunshine Art+Design Flat Files:

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